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February 15th

Q:The avg. person would give up 1.64 hrs of sleep a night in exchange for THIS.

A: To get a 10% raise at work

No Winner

February 13th

Q: Coffee is the most recognizable smell. Peanut butter is 2nd. What is 3rd?

A: A Rose

Congrats to Brian Whitesell of Raleigh!

February 12th

Q: 7% of women would be offended if their partner bought them THIS for Valentine's Day. What is it?

A: Botox treatments
No winner!

February 8th

Q: 84% of women say they'd never date a guy who does THIS.

A: Picks his nose
Congrats to Brian Roycroft of Raleigh (& his son Ayden)!

February 6th

Q: The avg. mother spends 4 months of her life doing THIS. (Hint-around clothes)

A: Ironing Clothes
Congrats to Ann Burnette of Macon, NC!

February 5th

Q: 7% of women would never tell their friend that they liked THIS about them. (Nothing to do with being attracted to their man) What is it?

A: Engagement or wedding ring
Congrats to Melanie Theriault of Willow Spring!

February 1st

Q: 17% of fans would miss THIS to attend the Super Bowl.

A: Their wedding
Congrats to Brad Denning of Four Oaks!

January 31st

Q: Your cousin from the south tells you he's bringing Arkansas wedding cake to your Super Bowl potluck. What's he bringing? What is it?

A: Cornbread
Congrats to Kim Propes of Wake Forest!

January 30th

Q: 11.5% of women say a man who has THIS is sophisticated. What is it?

A: Mustache
Congrats to Mark Crawford of Four Oaks.

January 29th

Q: 25% of young adults have never been here.

A: Bank
Congrats to Sierra Davis of Greenville!

January 25th

Q: More than 50% of workers polled said they think THIS is never ok to do in the workplace. What is it?

A: Take off your shoes
Congrats to Nancy Roache of Raleigh!

January 24th

Q: The avg. woman spends a combined 1.5 days a year doing THIS in the bathroom.

A: Curling her hair
Congrats to John Lee of Benson!

January 8th

Q: 1 in 3 snake bite victims have THIS in common. What is it?

A: They're drunk
Congrats to Damon Clark of Apex!

January 4th

Q: 12% of singles are turned off by THIS on an online dating profiles. What is it?

A: Glasses

December 19th

Q: 10% of families will do THIS before breakfast on Christmas.

A: Argue
Congrats to Brannon Montgomery of Fuquay Varina!

December 18th

Q: 45% of mall Santas have this in common.

A: They are college graduates
Congrats to Amy Messer of Four Oaks!

December 14th

Q: 45% of women refuse to get rid of THIS from their closet. What is it?

A: Wedding Dress
Congrats to Brittany Stanley of Four Oaks!

December 13th

Q: Despite the popularity of the Christmas song “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire,” the most frequently roasted nut is what?

A: Almonds
Congrats to Joe Connor of Fayetteville!

December 12th

Q: The avg. couple waits 6 months before doing THIS in front of one another. What is it?

A: Toot
Congrats to Kelly White of Fayetteville!

December 11th

Q: When it comes to household chores 80% of the time, women do THIS. What is it?

A: Make the bed
Congrats to Mark Crawford of Four Oaks!

December 7th

Q: The avg. person spends $1,652 a year on THIS. What is it?

A: Retail Therapy
Congrats to Missy Kugan of Fort Bragg!

December 6th

Q: 15% of people have accidentally done THIS while holiday shopping.

A: Backed into a pole in the parking lot
Congrats to Stephanie Jordan of Lemon Springs!

December 5th

Q: 66% of people in the world have never experienced this in their lifetime. What is it?

A: Snow
Congrats to Cindy Royster of Oxford!

December 4th

Q: Living near one of THESE could increase the value of your home. What is it?

A: Starbucks
Congrats to Tina Salmon of Raleigh!

November 30th

Q: In a poll of expectant moms, what food ranked as the most-craved?

A: Nachos
Congrats to Jason of Swain of Kenly!

November 28th

Q: 55% of people say THIS is the 1st thing they notice about other people?

A: Their choice of smartphone
Congrats to Adam Pearsall of Roseboro!

November 15th

Q: 42% of couples disagree on how to do THIS at home. What is it?

A: Load the dishwasher
Congrats to Jennifer Schriber of Wake Forest!

November 13th

Q: Experts say Monday is the best day to buy THIS. What is it?

A: Buy a car
Congrats to Jeannie Ezzell of Kinston!

October 25th

Q: According to a new survey, THIS is the worst candy you can place in a trick-or-treat bag. What is it?

A: Circus peanuts
Congrats to John Cush of Raleigh!

October 24th

Q: Who won the World Series in 1994?

A: No one. There was a baseball lockout.
Congrats to Morgan Peterson of Wake Forest!

October 23rd

Q: The average person starts doing THIS at age 41. What is it? (hint-for their health)

A: Taking vitamins
Congrats to Jo Johnson of Pink Hill!

October 19th

Q: 62% of THESE get purchased, but never used. (hint-seasonal) What is it?

A: Swimsuits
Congrats to Emily Gilbert of Bear Creek!

October 18th

Q: In a survey, 10% of us said we'd be interested in trying what seasonal job?

A: Shopping mall Santa
Congrats to Curby Simerson of Lexington!

October 17th

Q: People who eat while doing THIS consume 32% less food than those who don't.

A: Look in a mirror
Congrats to Patsy Baker of Bailey!

October 16th

Q: Only 17% of people still use THIS to communicate. What is it?

A: Postcard
Congrats to Beverly Godfrey of Sanford!  

October 12th

Q: 20% of new college grads still buy these. What is it?

A: Juice Boxes
Congrats to Crystal Dean of Bear Creek!  

October 11th

Q: 77% of us have one of THESE that doesn’t work. What is it?

A: Flashlight
Congrats to Sharon Raynor of Autryville!

October 10th

Q: THIS person is the celebrity most people would most like to share a piece of pizza with.

A: The Rock
Congrats to Kayla Marks of Stem!

October 9th

Q: 8% of men have visited the doctor for THIS.

A: A runny nose
Congrats to Kelly White of Fayetteville!

October 5th

Q: 36% of people would give up THIS for a year in exchange for free pizza on demand. What is it?

A: Bacon

October 4th

Q: 42% of binge watchers know more about their favorite characters than they do THIS. What is it?

A: Their own friends
Congrats to Kim McNeilly of Durham!

October 2nd

Q: THIS is the top thing women dislike being called. What is it?

A: Hormonal
Congrats to Leesa Herr of Willow Springs!

September 28th

Q: 20% of women have left THIS location in tears. Where is it?

A: A salon
Congrats to John Cush of Raleigh!

September 27th

Q: 35% of people have gone to work wearing THIS. What is it?

A: A price tag still attached
Congrats to Allen Bessey of Fayetteville!

September 25th

Q: 33% of women are turned off by a guy who has this (hint-appeareance). What is it?

A: Beard
Congrats to Ronnie Weiss of Wilson!

September 21st

Q: 6% of people in a survey say they’ve called out sick for work in order to do THIS.

A: Binge watch their favorite tv show
Congrats to Tommy Burke of Laurinburg!

September 20th

Q: Only 16% of college students possess THIS skill. (hint - not cooking) What is it?

A: Writing cursive
Congrats to Charles McDaniels of Stedman!

September 19th

Q: 70% of people who have one of THESE say it helps them stay fit. What is it?

A: A dog
Congrats to John Cush of Raleigh!

September 18th

Q: What do the words dumbbell, occurrence & memento have in common?

A: Most common misspelled words
Congrats to Curby Simerson from Lexington!

September 7th

Q: Flight attendants say THIS is the worst thing people do on flights. What is it?

A: Clip their toenails
Congrats to Heidi Johnson of Cary!

September 5th

Q: 39% of people do THIS in public bathrooms (nothing to do with their phone). What is it?
A: Flush the toilet with their elbow.
Congrats to Tommy Burke of Laurinburg!

 August 31st

Q: 52% of women like THIS on men. What is it?
A: Tattoos
Congrats to Porsha Campbell of Prospect Hill, NC!

August 30th

Q: According to a survey of plumbers, the hardest thing to flush down a toilet is what?
A: A ping pong ball.
Congrats to Tina Salmon of Raleigh!

August 29th

Q: Office productivity increases by almost 7% when bosses do THIS.
A: Buy pizza for the office.
Congrats to Mary Ellen Richmond from Louisburg!

August 28th

Q: 32% of teens don't know how to do THIS to a car. What is it?
A: Correctly check the tire pressure.
Congrats to Thomas Perez of Raeford!

August 24th

Q: If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, pizza was the #1 answer people gave. What was #2?
A: Steak
Congrats to Bryan Wood from Clayton!

August 23rd

Q: 10% of people have crashed a car because of THIS.
A: A bug crawled on or near them.
Congrats to Tony Santitoro of Garner!

August 17th

Q: The avg. person loses up to 9 items every day. What's #1?

A: Phone (keys was #2, sunglasses #3)
Congrats to Amelia Brown of Rich Square!

August 15th

Q: 41% of moms will do THIS during the 1st week of school. What is it?

A: Take a hot bath.
Congrats to Bobby Jo Cox of Fayetteville!

August 10th

Q: 35% of people have done THIS while driving.

A: Changed their socks or taken them off while driving.
Congrats to Dawn Bennett from Dunn!

August 7th

Q: 35% of married men never do this without first asking their wife. What is it?
A: Touch the thermostat
Congrats to Jarrett Withers of Pittsboro!

August 3rd

Q: The next time you're in a bar, do THIS just once & you'll burn 20 calories.
A: Sing a karaoke song
Congrats to Angela Gordon of Durham!

August 2nd

Q: People spend an average of 4 secs longer in this place today than they did 5 yrs ago because of texting. Where is it?
A: Stoplight

Congrats to Craig Bunn of Snow Hill!

August 1st

Q: 44% of people wish THIS was an Olympic sport. What is it?
A: Dodgeball

Congrats to Anthony Pressley of Pikeville!


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