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MONDAY-FRIDAY: 6:00-12:00 AM
Medford, MA (just outside Boston)

Favorite Food: I love to create my own favorite foods. I will look at an ingredient and then a spark goes off in my head “maybe this will be a great combination” So far I’ve gotten rave reviews and no one has gotten food poisoning. I think I’m a Food Network star in my own mind!

Favorite Sports: Is it crazy to say that I love all sports? I love football, baseball, basketball and hockey. Yes, I’m a Boston sports fan. I say all sports because I will watch, billiards, table tennis, pro tennis. If its sports related I will check it out. I’m an equal opportunity sports fan.

Favorite Country Artists: Blake Shelton, Lady A, Reba, Miranda Lambert. I like some old school country too. My Dad was a huge country music fan. The Judds were his favorite. So I will always have a place for Wynonna and Naomi in my heart. They were a connection between me and my Dad.

Pets: I have a black lab border collie mix named Abbi. She is the cutest and smartest dog I’ve ever had. She never barks, so when she does I know there’s a problem. I also have a cat named Little One. She’s the best. I can’t get up in the morning, or come home at night without her running up to kiss me on the nose. When I get home and ask her how her day was she meows away a response. It’s hilarious!

Radio Career: I’ve lived up and down the East Coast in my radio career. I’ve stopped in Boston, Virginia, Upstate New York, Philly and now here in Raleigh. I really like it here. I’ve met some great people and it’s true when they say that Southern people are nice and hospitable. Thanks to the QDR listeners I’ve met so far who make a point to call and say hi whenever they hear my voice on the radio. I appreciate your kindness and look forward to sharing lots of fun times with you.

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